Basic overview:
  Kyle Dasperton Chapleheim, creator of the universally acclaimed Secrets of Genjora (as well as a few other little-played games) has decided to bring forth a new game. The basic idea for the game originated from Kyle's familiarity with the mechanics of FF1 due to his tinkering and hacking the game. The game will be quest-based and allow for multiple DMs, and hopefully maintain the same amount of player freedom that Secrets of Genjora had in its time.

  The name of the game has some significance. Although primarily inspired by Mengsk's game Angst (which was also the name of one of KMFDM's poorer albums, in contrast to the fairly good best-of compilation called RETRO). But at the same time, a lot of this game's mechanics are based on the original Final Fantasy, and IRCRPGs are somewhat antiquated in themselves. This game was originally intended to play off several older IRCRPGs including Secrets of Genjora and Matt's MangaRPG... but now I've just decided to use this Final Fantasy-style system to rehash Secrets of Genjora's world for the 17th freakin' time (actually the fourth).

  From Secrets of Genjora, we'll hopefully have the same degree of player control over the game. I found it was far more interesting having a game where the characters developed friends, rivals and enemies amongst the other players and significant non-player characters. To expand on the players' freedom, this game features no class system: this allows you much more customization for your character. Original characters will be demanded though since this game has taken a turn away from being quest-based.

  Note that this ghetto 1997esque web design is inspired by the game's title.