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Letters of Much Sex

Oh That Sex
I have never had sex. Sorry.
Name and address withheld

My name's Steve, and I'd like to tell you about the best sexual experience I ever had. I was having my nightly masturbation session, just me and my copy of Hustler's Pictures of Assholes when I heard a knocking at the window. I zipped myself up and went to check it out. It was a female acquaintance of mine, Mandy.

"Mandy," I said. "What are you doing here?!"
"Oh, Steve," she replied. "I was all alone in my room, and I was just so hot. I want to fuck you so bad." She began to fondle her breasts and groin, out there on that ladder.

Never being one to refuse a lady, I helped her in (copping a feel while I was at it) and we got right down to business. I saw Mandy's eyes widen as I unzipped myself and whipped out my swollen, erect, 1 1/2 inch COCK.

"Oh my GOD," Mandy exclaimed. "I wanna suck it."
"Wellllllllll," I said in mock hesitation, "OK!"

I sat on the bed, and she got down on her knees. She started licking my penis with long, slow strokes.
"Oh, Cheri!" I moaned.
"Hey!" cried Mandy in alarm, putting her tongue, to my regret, back in her mouth. "Who's Cheri!"
"Oh, just her," and I showed her what I was jerking off to earlier, which was a fold-out spread of one of the best rectums God ever created.
"Oh," she said, and put my cock in her mouth. She sucked and moved her lips in that lovely up-and-down motion, caressing my stick with her mouth.

"UUUGGHTTRRRR!" I said, "Hey, your tonsils feel a little swollen. You should see a doctor about that..." I stroked her hair, then moved down to her breast and fingered her pink nipple.

She began teasing me, bringing me to the point of orgasm, and then stopped to lick my balls and thighs. She was beginning to get REALLY hot, and a little overzealous. At one point, she tried to deep throat the entire lower half of my body. I was up to my knees before I realized what was happening. I got out of her mouth and invited her to join me in bed. She climbed up on top of me and pressed her smelly cunt in my face. I was in heaven! I buried my face in her red, swollen clam and licked and licked and licked. She cried out in passion around my penis, and the vibration sent me into orbit! I spewed my load into her mouth. She sucked and sucked, milking me for all the juice my throbbing member could produce. When I was finished, she sat up, sighed and patted her belly.

"Mmmm... About a quart and half. Hey! When did that happen!" she pointed to my penis, which had shrunk to the size of a small piece of dental floss.
"Hey, what do I look like? Thor? Just give it time."
"But I wanna get fucked!" she whined.

We tried everything, but my silly little cock just wasn't ready for action. We even unlocked my safe to get my copy of Rear Action, but to no avail.
"Well, I guess we're going to have to pull in an outside source," said Mandy and went to my window. "OK, you can come in now." And in stepped two of Mandy's gorgeous friends. My cock began to engorge on blood, and stand erect!

The next few hours are all a blur. Suffice it to say, Mandy's friends each told two of their friends, who told two of their friends, and before I know it, I was being fucked, fondled, sucked and God knows what else by over 100 beautiful women! Every cell in my body had dedicated itself to the purpose of fornication, and I became a writhing, undulating mass of flesh. I had no concept of time or space as I came and came and came and came. I suddenly became aware of what was happening when I felt pressure on my anus. I looked behind me and there was my friend, Jim.

"Steve," he said. "I've always loved you."
I shrugged and let Jim have his way with me. He pumped at my virgin asshole and I moaned at the new sensation as his cock rubbed my prostate...

I woke up the next day to a very messy room. My floor, walls and ceiling were glistening with the mingled juices of 102 sex fiends. I had a tattoo which I didn't recognize, and Mandy was lying passed out on my wet carpet. I kissed her cheek, and her body said "ENOUGH!" Every cell in her face was repulsed by my puckered lips. The pleasure centres in her brain told her they had had enough endorphins for one night, and to let them get the fuck back to sleep. Then she exploded. But she died happy...
Steve, Pickering, Ontario

Breakin' the Hymen
Being the 16-year-old virgin that I am, I can't help but wonder just what sex is. Through endless hours of masturbation, I have conjured up an image of what my first time will be like.

My boyfriend (lover, stranger, parole officer... whatever!) and I begin the night with a candlelight dinner and a romantic movie at his house (my house is inappropriate due to the fact that I sleep on the top shelf of my closet and I've heard rumours that beds are an important factor in lovemaking). We aren't able to finish the movie because during one of those really steamy scenes we get all riled up and start to kiss passionately while pawing each other like a pack of wild amoebas. He picks me up lovingly and carries me into the bedroom. As he lays me on the bed I scream out in pain as the springs adjust to the contours of my body, providing me with maximum comfort.

He lays on top of me, crushing me with his massive weight. I hear one of my ribs crack but I don't care because I am just so damn horny. He shoves his slimy tongue deep inside my throat and I can taste the garlic pie that we had eaten for desert. We undress each other slowly, marvelling at what each article of clothing reveals. He kisses every inch of my body before reaching into the drawer of the bedside table and pulling out around 37m of sturdy rope (the boat-pullin' kind). He begins by tying one of my knees to my elbow, then removes my left arm and hangs it on a hook beside the door.

His penis, which is now 37" (that's normal, right?) of fully erect penile matter, is ready for the next step of our lovemaking experience. As he enters my vagina, my hymen snaps. I let out another scream and the blood begins to flow. He then proceeds to pump me madly, I go insane with passion and lust but he soon stops and pulls my head to his average-sized cock. I lick it lovingly before taking the entire length into my mouth. The head pierces into my skull stimulating a seldom used section of my brain, making me hallucinate that 37 grizzly bears are doing the conga around the room while the same number of Air Canada flight attendants are performing unique sex acts upon them.

I continue to suck on his shaft to the point of orgasm, he pulls out and cums all over my chest. Just then a huge bison walks in, licks up the mess and leaves. Up to this point I've felt much pleasure but haven't been properly satisfied. Edgar (that's the guy) notices this and pulls a huge jackhammer out of the closet. He places it into the appropriate area and turns it on. The stimulation is stupendous, I feel it building and building until I finally have an earthquaking orgasm (which measures 37 on the Richter Scale) and explode into fast moving particles of human matter. WoW!
Muffin, Toronto, Ontario

A Moment of Passion
a gurl showed me her boobies and then she toucht my pee-pee
Timmy, Nowhere

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