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Moray Eel Approved Links
Moray Eel Approved Links

Non-Porn Award
This site has been awarded
P.O.R.C.'s 123 Best Non-Porn Sites Of The Web Award (sponsored by Fraudutek Industries On-Line), for its continued excellence in a field all too often dominated by sinful and lust provoking images and text.
Do YOUR part. Help keep the Internet at least partially free of porn!

Moray Eel Approved Links

The following links may be worthy of your attention:

The gripping online version of the thrilling space shoot-em-up. Converted to HTML from the DOS Batch original by Totenbuch Christ.

Coke® Homepage
In a burst of generosity, YIP donated some server space to the Coca-Cola® Corporation.

Corn Crazy.
The homepage of Corn Crazy magazine, from some of the same good people who bring you YIP.

Cr. Twottleprot Twingpringle
Tom, a.k.a. Dronon, offers such treasures as "The Unh! Project" and a very silly mock scrapbook of all things relating to "Igor Bobovich Cherkinov: the great Russian ex-poet statesman".

Fraudutek Industries
Squid's brave vision of the world of the future.

Olympics Online
Play a virtual cyberathlete in this realistic online simulation.

Smarasderagd's Page
Contains an extensive library of YIP and YIP-like textfiles, including lots of really bad ones.

What's Inside Jeremy's Wallet?
Without exaggeration, Jeremy (a.k.a. Xenomorph) probably has the most looked-through wallet in the world.

YIP Server Contents
Other pages hosted on, several of which are very nice and several of which are not. Super-elite server info coming soon!

The following YIP-associated personnages have achieved e-mail:

Asphalt Bastard, Bastard Francais, Colombina, Corn Syrup, Dib, Dronon Brassmane, Floyd Soviet, Golden Rodent, Highway Robber, Io, Koldor, Milky Puppy, Muffin, Napkin, Necromancer, Never Mind, Persephone, Smarasderagd, Squid, Spelunk, STiK, Sponge Monkey, Thanatos Jones, Torque Torque, and Xenomorph.

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