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Death Elbow's New GIF Section
by Totenbuch Christ

  • Woban.gif A woman eats a banana.
  • WoTv.gif A woman watches Television
  • Wonaktv.gif A naked woman watches Television
  • Wotvna.gif A woman watches other naked women, who are on TV
  • Manban.gif A man watches a woman eat a bannana.
  • Penis.gif A large building sits in the middle of a city (yeah as if!)
  • Bottle.gif A woman shoves a 750ml bottle into her cunt.
  • TV.gif A woman shoves a 12" television into her cunt.
  • BigTV.gif A woman shoves a big screen TV into her cunt.
  • Mother.gif Your mother (who is naked) spanks me.
  • Mother2.gif Your mother (fully clothed) spanks me (who is naked).
  • Mother3.gif Your mother pretends to be a man and gets a job.
  • Mother4.gif Your mother is revealed to be a man.
  • Milton.gif Milton reading Paradise Lost in the nude.
  • George.Gif St. George of England gets to know the dragon (wink!)
  • George2.gif What's George doing with that sword?
  • George3.gif St. George gets self abusive.
  • Christ.gif Christ: naked!
  • Christ2.gif Christ and three oriental women
  • Christ3.gif Christ shoved his fist into his ass.
  • Christ4.gif Christ looses his virginity to a crusifix.
  • Christ5.gif Christ (dressed as a lobster) touches Satan's dinny
  • Christ6.gif Christ as a child (NUDE!!)
  • Big.gif A large set of boobs.
  • Bigger.gif A very large set of boobs (Ho ho!)
  • Biggest.gif Your mother.
  • Three.gif Three friends meet at a shopping centre (nude!)
  • Dinner.gif Cabbage again. Damn.
  • Dinner2.gif Fuck, not cabbage again.
  • Dinner3.gif Ahhh... Pizza! How lovely.
  • Dinner4.gif Pizza (NO TOPPINGS!!!)
  • Modem.gif A BBSer (NUDE!)
  • Modem2.gif A modem (NUDE!)
  • Modem3.gif Slutty fat computer geek women get all sloppy over a term program.
  • Modem4.gif Those crazy slutty fat beasty computer geek women find a serial port!
  • Modem5.gif More serial port adventures.
  • Modem6.gif Wink wink. Serial port. Wink wink.
  • Modem7.gif Fifteen slutty computer geek women stand around a joystick (seductive!)
  • Modem8.gif Ah ha! They've found a Parallel port!
  • Modem9.gif What's St.George doing with that Parallel port?
  • Modem10.gif St.George, Christ and a group of slutty fat and ugly slutty computer geek women log on (if you know what I mean)
  • Crux.gif Some drunk Roman's crusify Christ
  • Crux2.gif Behind the scenes we see those mischievious Jewish planners have corrupted the Roman system and have killed Christ.
  • Zion.gif Naked Jews plot to overthrow the Aryan world.
  • Zion2.gif Clothed Jews plot to overthrow three naked Ayran women.
  • Zion3.gif Those nutty Elders of Zion.
  • Iraq.gif Americans catch Iraqi women soldiers with their pants down (literally!)
  • Iraq2.gif Iraqi women (unveiled!!!)
  • Iraq3.gif 4th largest army in the world (NUDE!!!)
  • Jesus.gif More assorted pictures of Jesus cooking' the bacon.
  • Jesus2.gif Jesus "baptises" three naked women angels!
  • Jesus3.gif Hey... What happened to that cheeze strip?
  • Jesus4.gif Jesus has a big cock!!!
  • Jesus5.gif Jesus gets drunk and acts like a big cock!!!
  • Jesus6.gif Jesus comes back for the second cumming!!
  • Jesus7.gif Jesus has a go at a third cumming!!
  • Jesus8.gif Oh those nutty sons of god
  • Jesus9.gif I'm not sure what this one's about. The word "Fudge" comes to mind.
  • Jesus10.gif Jesus sodomizes a small child
  • Jesus11.gif Jesus sodomizes the Western world.
  • Hitler.gif Hitler "signs" the German-Soviet non-agression pact.
  • Hitler2.gif Someone urinates on Hitler.
  • Hitler3.gif Hitler an agent of the elders of Zion?? (And NUDE!!!)
  • Hitler4.gif Hitler and Churchill (NUDE!!)
  • Hitler5.gif Hitler admires Churchills big boobs!! (.)(.)!!!!
  • Hitler6.gif Hitler has Christ's big cock (in his mouth!)
  • Hitler7.gif Hot and crispy!! (April 1945)
  • Hitler8.gif Hitler's head lives it up in Brazil (NAKED!!!)
  • Hitler9.gif Hitler's head and three naked women!!
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