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Poetry and Hannukah Page
Hard-Boiled Eggs by Perspehone

Hard-boiled eggs can be very tasty, sometimes,
depending on how hard-boiled they are.
These eggs absolutely refuse to break when dropped -
no matter how hard you try.
You can make egg salad from hard-boiled eggs,
though this isn't one of their highlights.
What else can I say about hard-boiled eggs?
Nothing... what a surprise.
Rain by Corn Syrup

Rain. Ra-in
Rain, rain.
Lancaste by Milky Puppy

Pausing beside some pork
Lancaste bravely smiled
The forces of evil lurked behind him somewhere.
Lancaste hadn't urinated in a while,
or a few hours at least. Doesn't
sound like a big deal. And it wasn't.
So Lancaste moved on.

Grass by Goatface

grass, green, yet not quite,
well, kinda
fuck it, yeah, it's green!

Lovers by Finn

We met by the tree,
In the park, one night,
The air was sweet
with the sounds of the water
Lapping at the shore
And a breeze,
blew salty, moist scents
in our direction.

The troubles of the world
Disappeared that night,
Her skin,
Her face,
Her hair,
She swallowed me that night.

I hugged her,
Kissed her gently
Caressed her face,
And then we fucked.

Me by Paul

My four limbs dangle
While the other nine relax
It's fine for them to paste
They just better not

Ivy glistens-
Inspiring the swamp
Within my bacterial cabinet
I hear a hollow scent of anger
Tide is so much more!

So is my dog.
I wish I had a dog.

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