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The Stupid, Foolish Corner Of A Bunch Of Clowns Who Write The First Thing Which Comes Into Their Depraved Minds And Think It Is Deep And Meaningful.

An Unbiased Look At Some of Today's Finest Poetry

Of course, lawn molesters aren't exactly my thing, but then, neither is chicken. If I were to eat lots of gravy, you can bet I would feel a little euphoric afterwards. The moon looks like Kenya tonight, doesn't it? Ya, well, so do you. Asshole. Sort of makes you think, doesn't it?

The Bad Metaphor by Finn

I was reading a book,
It was untitled,
I think.

It was by a friend of mine.
It was quite good,
Until I stumbled upon the Bad Metaphor:
"...and then it hit me,
like a soap bubble,
floating on a wind of
razorblades and string."

It sort of ruined
the whole story,
Because it was
So true.

So true.

The Plight by Paul

The planetary salmon lurched -
like soup, perhaps...My soul; it swayed,
Alternate Thursdays, 9:20pm-10:00pm. (pool doors)

Ever examined your harp? DO.
Alternate Thursdays, 10:00pm-11:45pm. (pool)

Cyprus on my shoulder, hee hee, it don't bite..
Alternate Thursdays, 11:45pm-12:00am. (pool bottom) Screw ME, Athabaskan!

Youth on the Whole by Plastic Brain Carrier

I tried to sue the marsh,
But no,
It's lawyer was mellow and soft,
Fiery like a Calypso,
And young as a whip.

My legal life is my own life,
Who needs my vegetables?
Surely not I.
No way--
You can't play MY eyes!

For the life of my fish,
I pray thee,
Feel the frost of my BEST wall hanging,
And then tell me I'm too old!
Too old to sand?

You can lift everything in my house,
But you can't life my McFace,
And you can't reverse the years,
That I have racked up like my mileage,
Beef is nearly 100% water,
Dry ice.

Cowmancer by Milky Puppy

Hello, how are you
Fine thanks
I love you
Let me touch your udder

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