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Terrorfact - Cold World Remixes

terrorfakt - cold world remixes

To some it might seem pretty obvious that the 2 most important points in making a remix album are: 1) pick remixers who can do the job, keep the music fresh, and inject a different view point to the original mix, and B) offer enough variation of songs so as to make the CD an album, rather than a remix EP. Terrorfakt, through his heavy touring schedule, has met up with and played with quite a number of artists, thus providing quite a diverse range to choose remixes from. There's an impressive lineup of artists on Cold World Remixes, and its not limited to other artists in the same sub-genre (an excellent idea that is often overlooked). Remixers whose music is categorized as EBM, IDM, Rhythmic Noise and even Future Pop are all present on this disc. The remixes comprise 10 tracks remixing a total of 6 different songs, with 4 bonus Terrorfakt tracks and an additional Pneumatic Detach remix of a brand new song. There is more than enough variation to keep this album fresh. The remixes are all excellent and more than once I found myself listening to it while distracted by other activities, then pulled back to the sound and wondering what awesome CD I had put on my multiple disc CD player. Cold World, the original disc from where the mixes comes from was the best collection of Terrorfakt songs I had heard, but this definitely tops it. Very impressive!

Squid @ Oct 2005