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Terminal Sound System - Solaris

Terminal Sound System - Solaris

This is one of those CDs that takes a few listens to reveal itself, or at least, that's the way I feel. The more I listen to it, the more I like it, and I've been listening to it again and again. The way it affected me is very similar to the music itself, beginning quietly, with soft elements of breakbeat and trip hop, and then the ambient gives way, as the sub-bass beats grow, noise and tempo increase.

Hive Records have done it again, and found an unusual and yet highly creative artist, this time from Australia.

I think I was really convinced of how awesome this release is while sitting in a coffee shop reading a book; I found it to be perfect music for driving out the limp jazz and Christmas music I would have otherwise have been subjected to, while not being overly intrusive to what I was reading.

Much like many of Hive's releases, this one is limited to 100 copies.

Squid @ Dec 2003