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Terrorfact - Teethgrinder

terrorfakt - teethgrinder

Terrorfakt's latest release, Teethgrinder is the epiphany of modern industrial/powernoise thought, a steady stream of crunchy beats mixed with a cool styled sample. However, it could be said that everything that is good about it is also everything that is bad about it. The formula is sure to appeal, and also sure to repell. However, it will appeal to more than it repells, appealing to many and repelling the snobbish elite. The beats come at you straight ahead without apology, perfect for an angrier alternative to a rave. The samples are found and repeated, to pound through repitition their message-styled concept-thing. To futher the point, Teethgrinder has that big gear on the cover, and it blends together the idea of industrial sound matched with teethgrinding drugs that demand the pulsing endless beat. Big sounds, big beats, big cruch, big teethgrinding, it's all there in Terrorfakt's release.

Squid @ Nov. 2006