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Ou Moins - Anti Matter of Fact

Ou Moins - Anti Matter of Fact

Ou Moins' debut release "Anti-Matter of Fact", a limited edition release from Hive Records, is straight ahead pounding rhythmic noise of the best quality.

Anti-Matter of Fact begins with a deep and extremely dark sound, a soundscape of sorts, and yet already there is a brooding power within it, that gives you the sense of something hostile just below the surface, or just out of sight in the darkness.

This is quickly revealed with the rest of the tracks. The sound sets itself out in hard crushing beats that become twisted and distorted under their own weight, resulting in a sound that is brutal and unclean to the ear, and for those of us who revel in this sound - awesome.

The CD is complimented with three really amazing remixes of album tracks; one by Lament Configuration, another by Dicholic Symphony, and the third one, I assume by Ou Moins themselves.

Squid @ Dec 2003