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Panzer AG - This is My Battlefield

Panzer AG - This is my Battlefield

Panzer AG is a brand new side project from Icon of Coil front man Andy LaPlegua. Apparently the promotional push on this CD was based upon the idea that it is a combination of power noise and danced based beats. This kind of worried me when I first heard about it, and I expected something terrible and prepared myself for the worst.

However, Panzer AG has impressed me. What makes it so good is not that it is a combination of power noise and dance based beats, but rather that it is such a wonderful melting pot of Industrial styles. It can hardly be categorized so simply as power noise. With each listen I discover something new that reminds me of another band, from a wide range of sub-genres. That it can do it so well, and with such consistency makes it beyond just simple imitation, escaping even the idea of being labeled a clone band because the dna (to continue the metaphor) is a swirling mass of collected chromosomes. This is my battleground is really a battleground of musical inspiration.

This is a definite winner here in that it should appeal to just about everyone that listens to Industrial, no matter what that label means to them.

Squid @ November 2004