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Mochipet - Uzumaki

Mochipet - Uzumaki

Normally music that is happy makes me angry. Music that most people would consider happy music is music that makes me wish to destroy that makes me wish to kill. The US military may have in the past (and present) experimented with psychedelic drugs to create the ultimate killing machine, a drug crazed homicidal soldier that feels no pain, no desire other than the driving need to hunt, kill, and smash his enemy. Had they experimented on me, and instead of drugs used happy music, music that was positive, music that let you know that everything is all peachy keen and wonderful, they would have succeeded in their goal.

Mochipet is the closest thing to happy that I can listen to without my brain swirling in a mass of pounding, insanity driven madness. However, this may be because Mochipet's latest album Uzumaki is a bizarrely twisted sort of happy music. It combines poppy idm with traditional Japanese music, orchestral flows with cut up beats, and smooth ambient with crushing bass. The result is a contagiously comic masterpiece that keeps me bopping in my seat.

The CD peaks (into brilliance) at two tracks, Lobha and Polka Electronic Death Country (Otto Von Schirach Redux). Lobha represents the highpoint of "Quirky Mochipet" vs "Powerful Bass Mochipet". The first time I heard Lobha, the bass kicked in and I nearly caused a car accident, it caught me so much by surprise. Polka Electronic Death Country (Otto Von Schirach Redux), on the other hand, turns the absurdity level up to the breaking point, much as the name alludes to.

A brilliant album for anyone who is looking for something a little different.

Squid @ Nov. 2004