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mindless self indulgence - you'll rebel to anything

mindless self indulgence - you'll rebel to anything

Mindless Self Indulgence (MSI) is ridiculous and their latest album, You'll Rebel To Anything, pounds home that fact. MSI is a pounding, high-energy blast of punk styled electronic music with a wacky and playful twist. The fact that they covered Rush's Tom Sawyer should be proof of that, and I found it sort of amusing the one time (and hopefully, the only time) I heard the song.

It took me until track five to be won over by them with the title track, Youíll Rebel To Anything (as long as its not challenging), which seems to mock the more mainstream 'industrial' acts, or maybe just mainstream rebellious music in general, i.e.: "Boo fuckin hoo you're not the only one whose life's a piece of shit. And yet miraculously somehow we all seem to deal with it." Itís a song that attempts to dare, or goad these angst-y bands to do the right thing-- invest "in a bottle of poison. So we don't have to hear about you bitchin and moanin. You think you could afford a fucking bottle of aspirin." On the bad side, a) the vocal stylin's remind me of The Darkness, which is horrible 2) I have a feeling the absurdity of it all will grow weak. iii) This album is only something like 23 minutes long.

But in the meantime, itís nice (and what could be better than that?)

Squid @ May 2005