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Funker Vogt - Navigator

funker vogt - navigator

Have you ever thought that it would be really awesome if Funker Vogt wrote an entire album based on military themes, songs about being a military hero, with cool pictures of military hardware and military imagery? Well if you have, than you're dream is fulfilled with their latest release, Navigator. And as luck would have it, you're dream now has a plethora of backup options in every single other album Funker Vogt has released. Navigator continues Funker Vogt's sound with this very safe album, an album that keeps to the formula, in style and sound, resulting in something that will definitely please those people who are looking for just that. Truth be told, overall, its a good Funker Vogt album. And what's good news for a lot of people is that Navigator is an album for the fans-- the fans in the middle, the midpoint fans, the fence sitting fans. Navigator steers you gently through familiar waters, on a tourist ride, in a submarine called Funker Vogt. Yes, with Funker Vogt it is a small world after all.

Squid @ Oct 2005