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Cold Flesh Colony - Sanatorium

Cold Flesh Colony - Sanatorium

Cold Flesh Colony (CFC) is the first side project of Belgium power electronic act Mürnau, and Sanatorium is the CFC's first release. CFC is similar to Mürnau in many ways, both are power electronics and both are available only in limited edition vinyl releases. However, CFC represents a more old school, analogue version of the updated Mürnau sound, more gritty and raw.

The man behind both projects prefers to keep the meaning behind these projects to himself, hoping to allow each individual to take from his music a personal interpretation. Which frees the listener, to some extent, from trying to hear the original purpose of the music, and to seek out a personalized relation to the sounds, as each patient in a Sanatorium must seek their own direction to mental and physical health.

CFC appears to me as an outlet for emotional outpouring. Although the music itself is powerful, angry and even hostile, the result it has on me is the opposite. It does not inspire me to feel anger, but acts as a conduit to release it.

I have always held the belief that it is the world itself that is insane, that sanity in its true form continues to allude all of us. Listening to the sounds of CFC on a portable CD player, while walking around outside, taking the subway, immersing oneself in the world of today is an intensive experience. Clearing away possible excuses for people's actions, I catch a new perspective into the brutal insanity of the world. Likewise, listening to CFC in the complete darkness of my basement apartment, separated from the world in so many ways, the experience is inspiring.

That CFC is released on vinyl only, is somewhat limiting, unfortunately. This is my one complaint. I am lucky enough to have been sent a promotional CDR of it, and so could bring it out of the darkness and into the light.

Squid @ June 2003