The people of Fraudutek Industries have also been looking at humans and all their numerous downfalls and have pledged to improve on the failures of nature. No matter what theory of the origin of the universe you believe, it is obvious that leaving the creation and continuation of humanity to such frivolous factors has resulted in many great errors, but now, through the help of genetic engineering, these can be sorted through and corrected. Fraudutek Industries leads the way in redesigning the flawed universe, and will continue to serve to create a better world for human, and universe alike. Although this process is not complete, the beginning steps have been taken. Here are a few of the possible improvements:


Please note that all the problems implementing these improvements have not be worked out, nor are all of these ideas accepted as the best possible improvements. For security, and other reasons, not all information concerning the improved humans is available on Fraudutek Industries on-line. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The first step, however, is to run all people through the Fraudutek Industries new Gene Cleaner. Although this will by no means make the person 'perfect' it will help greatly.

But for those who feel that they need some sort of example of the project, we offer you the example shown to the right. Although still in the early stages of design, you can already see the vast improvements Fraudutek Industries designers have made, and the great steps being take. No detail will be left to chance.

Currently we are testing ideas on proud volunteers from the F.I.R.G. and although all volunteers so far have had to be subsequently destroyed, their sacrifice and pain has not been in vain. Already we have a large list of things we should never attempt again.

In years to come, when the world is populated by perfect beings, these beings will remember the great sacrifice made by the dedicated men and women of the F.I.R.G. and most likely build a statue or something to commemorate them.

If you are interested in aiding future generations, by volunteering yourself, or by donating your own offspring, to the greater cause please contact us and we will help make the appropriate arrangements and give you the release forms to fill out.