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For years now, healthy Y chromosomes have been clogged down with a foul plague, mutilating them into a disturbing, and highly destructive second X chromosome. But you don't need to suffer any longer, one simple treatment from Fraudutek Industries Gene Cleaner will wipe away that second cancerous X chromosome and restore you to the healthy shine of a XY configuration.

But what about those confusing ethnicityís that only offer a twisted non-conformity feel to people's lives? In the past people have offered a variety of solutions, most of which involve mass killings, which although do solve some problems, they also add problems, such as how to dispose of the bodies, and what happens if youíre not thorough enough, and miss a few. Years later youíll just have to do it again! But with Fraudutek Industries Gene Cleaner, you eliminate the problem right at the root, the offending DNA. Also, by cleaning infected people you help them help themselves. Itís a win win situation!

Yes, now truly Fraudutek Industries can offer the clean home feeling of standardization, right in your own body. Because donít you feel you deserve more than being a minority? Yes. With Fraudutek Industries by your side, your assured the life you deserve, the life any red blooded white male deserves: Youíll live like a king!Some Restrictions may apply

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