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You by Asphalt Bastard

I spotted you across a crowded room,
you hair gently caressing your cheek,
I knew that I could make you mine,
but upon closer inspection,
I realized,
that you
were my mother.
Hi mom.

"Sunshine and Teddy Bears" by Toastie Soviet

i like sunshine and teddy bears
they are both yelow they are both warm
i like to eat sunshine but not teddy bears
they taste dry and funny
i almost choked on an eye
but i still like to have my bears when i'm sleeping

Love Gherkins Traditional

Runny, runny beatniks
Entrenched in beckman's shins
Were doing veinwork with heavy tools
In a yellow, poory juice barette.

Little did they know,
that behind their horrid mine
Lay a rich a silver stretch
Of pure, unvarnished laundry.

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