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DRONZOL and the Supernova
by Milky

In their search for a more appropriate form of meat, the scientist and his assistant Appinius, and a nearby tailor, dug a passage thirty miles under the surface of our planet. What they found shocked and delighted them. It was the size of a weasel, and was in fact a weasel. The men were easily delighted, you see.

Together with the weasel, the scientist, Appinius and the tailor formed a band of hearty adventurers. This new force of justice took the name DRONZOL, after their aunt. DRONZOL fought crime wherever it lurked. Within minutes, they had brought Rodrigo "Hjk" Chichonez to justice, ending our planet's largest ring of illegal goings-on. DRONZOL was everywhere hailed as the best thing to happen to crimefighting since the domestication of fish. Suddenly, DRONZOL heard the phone ring.

"DRONZOL here," said DRONZOL.
"DRONZOL?" asked the president.
"Yes," said DRONZOL.
"DRONZOL, This Is The President," said the president.

And thus DRONZOL was recruited to save our planet from the upcoming supernova of the sun. They only had 6 hours and 17 minutes. The members of DRONZOL quickly equipped themselves with canteens filled with high-grade water and hurtled into space at light speed.

Within moments, Appinius spotted the trouble-making star and grimly stated, "There it is."
"That's the one," confirmed the scientist, bitterly.
"That's what we're here for, alright," the weasel said, in a voice filled with contempt.
"Damn sun," said the tailor, as the angry tears rolled down his face.

With only 1 hour, 52 minutes and 22 seconds remaining, DRONZOL hurtled towards the sun at even more ludricrous speeds.

But now there were only 2 minutes and 12 seconds left until the sun supernova'd!

And then there was only 1 minute and 46 seconds!!

And then a mere 18 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


.... and then, just in time, DRONZOL did it and our planet was safe. "PHEW!!!" exclaimed DRONZOL, wiping the sweat from their collective forehead. Suddenly, the phone rang again.

"DRONZOL speaking," said DRONZOL.
"DRONZOL?" asked the president.
"Yes, President?" asked DRONZOL.
"DRONZOL, We Are All Very Proud Of You," said the president.

@ @ @

Later that evening, back at DRONZOL headquarters, a moose was caught trying on some women's clothing. DRONZOL, the president, "Hjk" Chiconez and the moose all laughed.

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