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vnv nation - matter + form

vnv nation - matter + form

Basically, I like the new album. That's my weigh in, and there are tons of reasons why you may or may not agree with me. With a band like VNV Nation there are so many more factors involved in a reviewers decision to like it or not like it. VNV recently came to Toronto to play and the reviews of that show varied a great deal. I didn't see the show, so was able to view the opinions with somewhat of an unbiased eye. From what I could tell, those who liked VNV generally like the show, and those that went to see the opening bands, or ended up there for any number of other reasons didn't.

What is VNV and what should there album sound like? They are one of the top selling EBM/Future Pop bands out there, so many expect them to lead as pioneers of the genre. They are one of the big industrial dance club favourites, so many expect them to create a massive dance club phenominum album, or a work of programming brilliance. Etc.

And the result? I don't know if VNV did any of that. Matter+Form isn't a revolutionary album, it's not going to be the biggest dance floor craze, it's not going to change the way we view electronic music, lyrics, or anything. And I am pleasantly pleased with what it is. It sounds like they just made an album and ignored all these expectations. There are some tracks that will temporarily rule the dancefloor, and there are some beatless interludes and some tracks that are good to listen to at home, and will never be heard in a club. And more importantly, overall, I generally like it.

Squid @ July 2005