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DJ? Acucrack- Mako vs Geist & Pigface Crackhead(the dJ? Acucrack rmxs)

DJ? Acucrack- Mako vs GeistPigface - Crackhead(the dJ? Acucrack rmxs)

I made the decision to review this to together not because they sound like rehashes of the other or either is uninspired but out of bone idleness. And since they are both Acucrack projects, I thought hell this would save me a lot of time and energy to just try and convince the reader that they are both the same thereby saving myself any deeper thought patterns, or potential struggle in trying to elicit some sort of feeling or reaction to the 2 entirely separate discs. First of all Mako Vs Geist, if you’ve been listening to Acucrack more of the same. Except not at all. What the hell am I talking about, well it retains the sci-fi drum n bass of earlier albums, however mixing in some more hip hop inspired rhythms and vocal styling. As opposed to the faster speak sing of earlier albums, we are shown a deeper, richer pitch shifted voice: slower and with more edge and groove. The vocals have less of a high end, fast slow flow and are more buried deep in the bass growl. Actually the whole album has less of a sci-fi feel and feels a bit more grounded down in the soul or ass. Like a giant gluttonous fart, springing forth form the nether regions of the body escaping in order to dance on or groove the night away. And yes I did just use gaseous emissions in a positive way. The first track is an amazing driving song. After smashing my car recently, I had a prissy rental. It felt like one of those un-chi un-chi cars. The kind that is driven around with a terrible sound system, that distorts every time the drums hit. So after picking up Mako and then a friend we decided to test this theory. So we drove around Ottawa with it blasting and we felt pretty damn special. It was like un-chi but it was actually good music, it had the bass the beats and all, but yeah it had something else too. It had a soul, it had rhythm and who could ask for anything more. Maybe I should’ve separated these 2. Crackhead is a remix album for File Under Easy Listening. With a bunch of tracks cracked up. Torqued to the nth. As with any Pigface release there are some great tracks and some bad ones. Some should’ve been left alone but some are righteously fitted with extra-added groove: A more d n b oriented sound. Which works on the tracks that already groove well. Some just feel that extra bass and that, something that just adds to the feeling, adds to the dance groove. Hip-hop edged bass, with some friendly head bopping bass. Industrial vocals and some other typical Pigface meandering through genres. Is it fun? Hell yeah. Well worth spending a few bucks on.

vizgig @ july 2005