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Raison d'Ítre - Requiem for Abandoned Souls

Raison d'Ítre - Requiem for Abandoned Souls

Raison d'Ítre's "Requiem for Abandoned Souls" represents the ultimate expression of nilhistic gothic sentiment. I received this album in the mail just as the first cold spell hit, its sound imminently suited for the feeling of the Canadian winter, with its epic sense of emptiness emanating from the dark coldness of a lifeless environment.

The track listing of this CD can be viewed separately, or together "(1) In Abandoned places, (2) the shadow of the soul (3) disintegrates from within, (4) towards desolation, (5) becoming the void of nothingness." Peter Andersson's vision sees the grandeur and yet meaningless of the world, a statement that may seem juxtaposing to some, but all too clear to others.

Listening to this music late at night, while wandering around a frozen city is inspiring, and yet equally depressing. I saw before me the intensive effort of the overall structure and yet realize that it driven without purpose, a beast out of control, one that seeks to smother and disintegrate the individual, its growth dependent upon the boarding off all sense of hope. The city itself appears as empty as it truly is, in the dark night, while its human population retreats out of sight. And all that remains are the lifeless towers and cold concrete that stretches out in all directions as a vast unnatural cancerous blemish.

This album is for those who wish to embrace this sense of feeling, and are not afraid of seeing things in such a depressing light.

Squid @ Jan 2004