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Project Pitchfork - Kaskade

project pitchfork - kaskade

I guess I could just go on and on about how much I hate this new Project Pitchfork album, but that wouldn't really be nice or fair, so instead I think I'll just talk a little about how much I hate Project Pitchfork fans, and how this album may be just what they deserve.† Yes, it's true, but let's read some positively in this review.† Let's not dwell on the negative, instead, letís focus on the good.† The good, as I see it, is this:† I've never really been a fan of Project Pitchfork, so I can't see my disliking another one of their albums as much of a loss. In fact, I can see some good in it, since I have found that I have always been even less of a fan of fans of Project Pitchfork.† There is just something about them that sits the wrong way with me.† Now, I shouldn't go to heavily into specifics on actual Project Pitchfork fans.† Again, that wouldn't be nice, especially if I mentioned that one little twisted imp like creature that would just repeat "pitchfork, pitchfork, pitchfork" in an attempt to make some sort of statement about something, a monologue of sorts, without†having anything to actually say about anything.† By this point, Project Pitchfork fans are getting kind of old (in actual years), and with releases like this, I don't imagine Project Pitchfork gaining too many kids as fans-- kids like things with some sort of...† life, I guess.

Project Pitchfork's descent into a kind of soft experimental electro rock is maybe not surprising, hopefully, it will appeal to someone, or to a great number of people out there.† I suppose these people just need to give the damned album a chance.† From what I've been hearing, they haven't been-- something that might be considered a shame, if I gave a fuck.

Squid @ January 2006