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Pride & Fall - Elements of Silencer

pride & fall - elements of silence

"Strange", I thought, after realizing that I loved the new Pride & Fall album, "I thought I hated Pride & Fall." But no, Elements of Silence, their second full length release, is awesome and is probably the best new future pop release I've heard in the last six months.

So maybe my tastes have merely changed from 2003, when they released their debut release, Nephesh. Because I disliked it so much, I haven't really listened to it in a long time, so I felt the need to listen to it again. As things turn out, my tastes haven't changed at all. Nephesh still sucks.

However, the positive side of this is that Pride & Fall have made a drastic upswing. There is a higher quality of sound, better vocals, and less reliance on simply forcing the sound. Elements of Silence is in fact, a perfect combination of everything we want to hear in future pop. It would be ignorant to think that this is just another future pop release, that sounds like all the rest, for what it is, is a tightly developed masterpiece that sounds better than all the rest. Its exactly what we should expect and deserve, and we should embrace it for that.

Squid @ April 2006