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Navicon Toture Technologies - Power Romance

Navicon Toture Technologies - Power Romance

Leech from NTT is one fucked up motherfucker, combining power electronic drones, torturous screams, epic orchestrations and a twisted concept into this re-release of the extremely limited CD Power Romance. This release contains two bonus tracks, Postcoital (an Egosplint remix of the track "I want to commit a crime of passion") and a new exclusive track, Blood Spatter Evidence. One may think that NTT has a unsettling view of relationships, women and sex, and one may be correct. However, through this music, unconventional as it is, the beast that is within us all (or perhaps I just have an unsettling view of relationships, women and sex myself (but so may you)) is allowed a moment of reflection.

Somewhere along the way, the idea that perhaps NTT has created another sub-genre of a sub-genre came about, with this sub-sub-genre being titled after this pivotal work: Power Romance.

While listening to this CD the exact moment that I decided that it was awesome was also the exact moment that my room mate decided that she couldn't take any more and turned the volume down. This is always a good sign!

I've yet to hear a NTT track I dislike.

Squid @ Feb 2004