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Coph Nia - Shape Shifter

Coph Nia - Shape Shifter

With a feeling of Gothic evil, dark and brooding, a combination of epic orchestration, eerie atmospheres and powerful vocals that border on spoken word, Coph Nia's latest work on Cold Meat Industry is a masterpiece of oppressive darkness.

The vocals often overpower the music, something that I often dislike, but with Coph Nia's near spoken word approach, it works (maybe I’m tainted by my own focus on the ideas of spoken word, though). The music is meant to give attention to the vocals and to add additional atmosphere to them.

Included is a unique take on Bauhaus' Stigmata Martyr, but my favourite track is The Hall of Truth, which I have sub-labeled, “checklist of evil”, which was originally a series of affirmations from the Ani & Turin Papyri that was inverted and re-assembled by Coph Nia.

A selection of the lyrics are in bold, my comments next to them.

I did do evil. Yes, I guess so, although despite what this list shows, I’m really not such a bad person.
I did commit violence. I recently punched a co-worker in the face in a drunken boxing match in a park. But to be honest, she asked me to do it and had it coming to her.
I tormented many hearts. I've tormented more people's patience than hearts.
I did steal. Guilty as charged.
I caused someone to be treacherously killed. Not that I'm aware of.
I lessened the offerings. I vaguely remember doing such a deed as often as I could, as a child, but in my defense, I was being forced to go to church by my parents.
I did harm. Yes, all the time.
I uttered lies. Generally I'm a terrible liar, but at times, when need demands it...
I made people weep. It happens some times.
I committed acts of self-pollution. I just committed an act of self-pollution not 10 minutes ago and probably will commit another one quite soon. I've also assisted many many people in being able to achieve this. To be honest, this is my greatest achievement.
I fornicated. Many many times. I even have pictures of it!
I trespassed. This isn't something I make a habit of, nor would do for the joyful sake of, but it has occurred.
I did commit perfidy. Perfidy is the deliberate breach of faith, calculated violation of trust. I suppose I'm guilty of that as well, but not on a regular basis.
I damaged cultivated lands. I'm a HUGE damager of cultivated lands. I love damaging cultivated lands...
I was an accuser. Yup.
I was angry without sufficient reason. Name me a point when I actually did have sufficient reason? I'm at a loss.
I turned a deaf ear to the words of truth. I can answer this question with this: "Must see TV?" Not going to watch it.
I committed witchcraft. I went out with a Wiccan, does that count?
I blasphemed. By baby Jesus' bald nut bag, yes.
I caused a slave to be maltreated by his master. I've been an asshole to people in fast food restaurants. Does that count?
I did despise god in my heart. Even though I realize 'his' fictional’ status, let's answer this one with a yes as well.

Squid @ Dec. 2004