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Android Lust - Devour, Rise and Take Flight

android lust - devour rise and take flight

I'm tempted to say that this release is surprisingly good, but then considering the quality of the music that has been released by this project, where's the surprise?

This is the perfect CD for the jaded, aging, electro fan who thinks they've heard everything (not that I'd know anything about that). The departure from a more straightforward electro-industrial sound that began with The Want' EP continues, and, indeed, flourishes here into something so full of new ideas, beauty, and changes in tempo, sound, and style that it is almost impossible to make comparisons. No, really.

Still more polished and consistent than on her previous release, 'The Dividing', Shikhee's vocals continue to pack more of a whallop and range with every new release. Somewhat less processed screaming here and somewhat more sultry, haunted, headphone romance. Very nice indeed. Listening to her, here's one thing I keep wondering: How many unsolicited emails must this lady get every day containing various unseemly propositions from overzealous teenage boys (or, for that matter, jaded, aging electro fans)?

Shikhee moves so deftly from ballad to synthpop to blips to raging, straightup, 'coldwave' often in mid-song that it's impossible to put this release in some kind of overarching category. Actually, I take that back, I'll put it in a category. Essential listening for anyone reading this website.

Drew @ Feb 2006