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Accessory - Forever & Beyond

accessory - forever & beyond

Although forming back in 1994, Forever & Beyond is the first Accessory album to have wide distribution in North America, with their signing to Metropolis Records. Its also my first taste of them, and for some reason, perhaps due to their remixing Feindflug, I thought that they would be heavier, and allowed this to affect my opinion. But after a few listens, their true sound overtook my preconceived notions. Accessory mixes a range of EBM beats with a range of trance beats to produce, not surprisingly, a very dance friendly album. From moderately aggressive sounds reminiscent of Noi-Tek Records bands to the lighter predominantly trance styled tracks, Accessory's sound varies enough to keep one interested. I'm not a big fan of trance, and yet, by skirting the edge between EBM and trance, Accessory often convinces me, momentarily, of its appropriateness.

- Squid @ August 2005