Suited up for testing!
Suited up (to protect against staining), the Fraudutek Industries Team prepares for final testing.

Fraudutek Industries is now pleased to present the latest in sexual gratification aids. A team of highly trained specialists worked for several hours on a project designed to increase not only an individual's pleasure, but increase the sexual pleasure of humanity as a whole.

Fraudutek Industries has never allowed itself to see only the small picture, but instead always strives to achieve the greatest success in whatever it attempts, no matter how impossible it may seem. It is this ideology that has allowed Fraudutek Industries to surpass every other corporation and organization in everything it touches. It is for this that Fraudutek Industries has striven to surpass every single natural or man made boundary.

The project team have come up with several products, which after substantial testing, Fraudutek Industries is now pleased to present to you, the ignorant masses.

  Another satisfied Masturbator
Another satisfied Masturbator

Uberporn: This is pornography in a more pure form. No longer will you have to resort to the forms of pornography that your parents and grandparents had to masturbate to. With Fraudutek Industries' Uberporn, you will be satisfying yourself in the most futuristic means possible.

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The Sexual Circle: The Sexual Circle is Fraudutek Industries' own newly designed sexual aid. With the Sexual circle, all your incompetence is removed and replaced with the spherical perfection of the Sexual Circle. And what's best of all, since there is no 'end' to the circle, it can fulfill yours and others sexual needs with little or no effort. With the invention of the Sexual Circle the Penis and the Vagina have become vestigial organs. With the Sexual Circle in charge the endless nagging of the glans and clitoris will fall upon deaf ears. Not only will the Sexual Circle liberate you sexually, it will also free you from the bonds which dependence on your base instincts have held you captive to for thousands of years. At last the circular enclosure of Fraudutek Industries' latest product will unleash you to a world that you thought you'd only experience when you were too old and useless to enjoy it.

Comes in several revealing colours and is made of The New Plastic.

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The Genital Square: Similar to the Sexual Circle, the Genital Square can contain and give structure to your otherwise inconsistent and highly unformed desire. Within the Genital Square, the sexual energies are intermixed with the finite of mathematics to give you and your loved ones the pleasure they have been seeking. Great at parties!

The Genital Square, which is also made from The New Plastic, is a revolutionary tool that will literally change your life. Easy to clean and simple to store, this item will become a family treasure. The Genital Square will soon establish itself as the key to your personal identity. With it's calming shape and soothing disposition, the Genital Square is ready to serve you unlike any other lover could.

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Comes in all shapes and sizes

Sex Drugs: Maybe all the problems you are having with sex stem from your own psychological inconsistencies and hang-ups. Now with Fraudutek Industries' new line of personality destroying narcotics, you can wipe clean the slate of tortured youth, and bizarre neurosis. Fraudutek Industries' Sex Drugs can eliminate painful memories and allow you, for the first time, to experience your sexual identity unhindered by conflicting morals and bottled up shame.

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Orifice In A Can: For those who still like it the old way, Fraudutek Industries is pleased to present a new solution to an old problem, Orifice In A Can. This re-sealable container contains all you need to fulfill your base desires, but without any of the old hassles. Just simply pull the tab and you instantly have a easy to wash, flesh opening, ready for use. No more rubber dolls! No more having to do it yourself! Now with orifice in a can, it does the work, and asks nothing in return. Best of all, you'll always know where it's been! Skanky $5 whores are great, sure, but there is nothing you can do about that smell. Or is there? With Orifice in a can, the smell is virtually gone!

Orifice in a Can comes in five delicious varieties, sure to please the most discerning user. For those who like the soft touch of lips, the gentle touch of the tongue, and the firm embrace of the throat, Orifice in a Can comes in a salivating mouth style. Guaranteed (100%) to have no teeth!

For those who like the simple approach of vaginal penetration, Orifice in a can comes in Teasing Twat-style, or Big Hairy Cunt brand. Again a 100% Guarantee that there will be no teeth (early problems were quickly corrected!).

And then for the most deserting of all, the tight fitting, lubricant drooling excitement of Rectal fun can only be achieved with the Cock Squeezing Amee-Sue, or Andy-Lou Anus brands (depending on how much hair you want involved).

Yes, Orifice In a Can truly will please all 'cummers'.

And now, for added versatility and fun, each variety of orifice in a can also comes in the fully reversible deluxe version. A few quick squeezes of it's patented Party Pump, and the orifice turns inside out to make a fully functional erect penis. You can penetrate, and be penetrated whenever you choose, using one simple instrument.

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Sexual Aid-A-Tron 2100: Do you really, really, like to Masturbate? We used to. Think you'll never stop? We had hardly enogh time to eat, we were masturbating so much. Have you been jerking off on buses and too close to schools? Well, yes, so were we. That is, until we discovered Fraudutek Industries newest line of Sexual aids. Now you'll never need to seek self pleasure again. That's right, why would you wish to treate women like some sort of backward 19th century recepticle, when you can treat them like the 21st century Receptamatics that they have now become. But it doesn't just stop at women, we at Fraudutek Industries have put a entirely new slant on homosexuality, bi-sexuality, fetishism and sexual disfunctions of all types, shapes, and sizes.

And what's even better, no more manually bringing yourself off. The newest in a line of Fraudutek Industries Sexual aids does it for you. But we're not talking vibrators. You don't even need to visualize anything yourself. Its all done with the self contained Sexual Aid-Atron 2100! In fact, you don't even need to be present. You could be at work, school, or play, and your Sexual Aid-Atron 2100 will be exploring the very depths of your sexual unconsciousness. You won't even notice a thing!

Depraved? That's no problem for the Sexual Aid-Atron.

"Fucking is for Primates"(tm)
A new slogan for a new age!

But you like Sex, you say. Well, that's because you haven't tried out Fraudutek Industries new Sexual Aid-Atron 2100! Fucking is for primates, is the new slogan coined by the team of highly skilled Fraudutek Industries engineers. With the Sexual Aid-Atron 2100 you'll never want to fuck anyone again. Even ass fucking has become obsolete with the Sexual Aid-Atron at your disposal.

But now you feel that there must be some drawbacks, some sort of membership fees, or costly creams and oils. Nope! Nothing. The Sexual Aid-Atron doesn't need to be touched or mishandled, the way women do, and its totally self cleaning. And the Sexual-Aid-Atron doesn't take batteries, or plug in. Its totally self contained, using your own sexual perversion to stimulate its bio-erotic motors.

The Sexual Aid-Atron 2100 has will also drastically reduce your disire to rape, or be raped. Yes, that's right, the Sexual Aid-Atron 2100 has social advantages as well. "But rape isn't about sex, its about power," you say. Well nothing can beat the pure bio-erotic power of the Sexual Aid-Atron. "Not even gang rapes?" Nope, not even gang rapes.

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