Fraudutek Industries has a long and proud history. Since its early conception, it was a leader in high quality alternatives. Servicing those who needed something either more specific in function, or more diverse. Fraudutek has always specialized in the general and generalized the specifics. This allows us what no other company or organization has managed to achieve, a world based on the concept that nature has no place in our modern lives. Why must you settle with what's already there, when these things can be replicated and improved. Our catalogue of achievements have spanned the world of ideas. Products found to be more fun, or larger but easier to carry, have been a traditional hallmark of the Fraudutek Industries engineers. Colouring and flavour, the usual downfall of products, had been embraced with as much enthusiasm to be humanly possible. The Fraudutek Industries Team have dared to go and think beyond what others might think sane to draw back a greater understanding of the universe, through home & office supplies. With Fraudutek Industries you will always have a choice. Fraudutek Industries believes in your rights to have it your way, be that through bio-engineering or through chemical alteration. The Fraudutek Crew will have striven to change and distort anything, if but to serve you better. Please feel free to explore Fraudutek Industries On-line, your cybernetic view of a better future.