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Part One:  Welcome to Fraudutek Industries

Welcome to Fraudutek Industries.

Yes, the future is under construction. For years now, your only real choice in design and implementation of the future has been with the fine people of Fraudutek Industries, where our slogan is, More Advanced Than Nature.

Nature has plagued us from the very beginning. Plagued us with its failures. Plagued us with its limitations. But now, thanks to Fraudutek Industries, these things will no longer be tolerated.

  Fraudutek Industries personel designing quick easy answers.
Fraudutek Industries personel designing quick easy answers. A new future, a new morality, a new way to quickly skip over the unnessessary!

Evolution? Well that may be good enough for you if you don't have anywhere to go in the near future. If you want to stew in the quagmire of natural selection then maybe Evolution's just fine. But those of us who have bigger plans need quick answers that can be solved by the latest in high performance computer technology. We're not taking of the types of computers your thinking of. Not only do our computers think faster, they think better, and with an entirely new system of morality! A quick, easy morality that doesn't take outdated systems of belief into account. Even now this new morality is evolving to meet the new demands of a newer way of being. Our computers are way ahead of anything you could even imagine.

Fraudutek Industries is thinking not one step ahead, but a hundred steps. Its thinking so far in the future that what you call the present, we call the past. We can't even remember the past, it was too long ago, and besides, what matters is now, which is the future, which is where Fraudutek Industries is, and it's where you should be too.

Have you heard the term 'That was so five minutes ago'? Well with Fraudutek Industries the saying is true. Nothing built or thought of five minutes ago is any good any more. It's all trash! Throw it out!

  Now ready to be thrown out for progress!
Now ready to be thrown out for progress!

But how can Fraudutek Industries support a economic system that deems something obsolete even before it leaves the box? Easy, our new boxes also serve as garbage containers! With well over 50% greater capacity, the problem won't be where to throw stuff out, but how can you throw out more?

But now you're worried that this consumer system can't go on forever. Sooner or later we'll run out of stuff, and stuff to build it with. Well don't worry, that isn't about to happen. Here at Fraudutek Industries we can't seem to build enough stuff, and there is just too much stuff to build it out of. We're not even using a percentage of the raw materials we could. Not to mention with miniaturization some things that used to be the size of an apartment building are now being build so small, they don't even really exist. Even now, Fraudutek Industries engineers are creating holes in the fabric of space, reaching out to other dimensions, and other planes of existence. We're using these other places to store our junk as well. Don't worry about problems with space, we've got it under control. We're also adding to time itself, making it thicker, and softer! Each second now takes twice as long, and that's just the beginning!