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Dominating view of Earth
Part Two:  Fraudutek Industries:  Your Global Partner (and Beyond)

Fraudutek Industries has long prided itself on being a total global corporation, spanning the entire circumference of the globe. We have projects in the Arctic all the way down to the Antarctic, and not just through the centre of the Earth. We have laboratories, and factories, and chemical weapons plants, as well as hundreds of thousands of Greyburgers restaurants on every continent, and across the ocean floor. Gigantic secret complexes hover constantly above the earth, out of sight of snoopy governments and the media. Yes, we may even have someone stationed in your very home.

No other corporation sees the unlimited potential of the world as Fraudutek Industries does. But we certainly aren't going to limit it there. Already our moon base's population exceeds that of any other covert facility on any of Earth's natural satellites, and our Mars mission is years ahead of anyone else. Not only do we have the technological know how to settle the red planet, but we have the willingness to settle the problem of its native inhabitants one way or the other, and not pander to them like Earth's governments and the UN do.

  PEP Personel considering possible futures
PEP Personel considering possible futures.

Currently Fraudutek Industries is the only corporation with detailed plans for immediate planetary evacuation, in case of some unforseen incident, such as a massive meltdown of Fraudutek Industries mega-nuclear power plants, or collision of the Earth with some massive asteroid.

Each and every possible senario is studied by a highly trained team of experts, and other alternatives are always sought. But Fraudutek Industries will not abandon their PEP (Planetary Evacuation Plan), and now feels that within several years, they'll be able to resettle the entire population, whether they want it or not.