If you have any questions/concerns/threats/etc. please feel free to contact any/all of our highly trained, experienced staff. Below are listed key members of the Fraudutek Industries team. General questions can be e-mailed to fraudutek@yip.org.

If you are interested in joining the Fraudutek Industries global community, and sacrificing your life to inprove some unknown theoretical future generation, please fill out our Application form.

Fuck-Bot Perversion Analyst

Zero Pulse-Width Modulating Bikini Inspector

Director of Foreign Affairs (Cleansing Division)

Royal Director of Sharpening (Both Real and Imagined)

Chief Officer of the Junior Executives (Middle Management Division)

junior executive supervisor of general inhumanity (sterile adhesive pad commission)

Flying Monkey Anus Inspector

Apprentice to the regional Castrator

Line Implementation and Design Dept. Cheif

contraceptive tape adjuster (funnel and immersion association)

Managing Editor of Truth of Pornography

Assistant Director of Homossimilation and Highway Robbering

Individual Persona replicator

Overlord of customer Services (Slanders and Misrepresentations)

Director of Sincerity and Generosity (Social ineptitude division) Western region CEO

Senior Pharmacutical Distribution and Testing Doctor

Directrice of All Items Having a Consistency Somewhere Between Tactile and Ephemeral

Hed of Varifikation (proof reeding section)

Product Progression Administrator (Project: The Spiderbots Option)


reserve astronaut for operation 'needle in a metaphysical haystack'

Head of the ERS (External Revenue Service)

Sexy Assistant to the Troublesome Loner whose office is located in the basement

Fraudutek Industries Mascot (Jimmy The Cyber-Ubermench)

director of down sizing
and sterilzation

Chief Slacking Officer (Information Highway Division)

Some Positions yet to be filled:

second deputy assistant to the traveling aide of auxliary services (fall line division)

chief Financial officer (Fiscal persasion squad)

Stg. Reserve Divertionary Unit # 235 (F.I.R.G.)

Horizontal surface decontaminate Superintendant

Captain of Nutritional Services (Easy Timber Line Tester Cafateria)