Fraudutek Industries is always looking for the best and brightest individuals whose will they can crush and whose individuality they can suppress, allowing for greater ease in assimilation into the greater Fraudutek Industries state of being.

But to become an employee of Fraudutek Industries is not an easy task. Millions of others have striven for such a goal, and were rejected, and eradicated in the process. Fraudutek Industries hiring team will accept no fault or insignificant barrier in their quest to hire only the best. Often even some of the best must be sacrificed, for no apparent reason what so ever.

But what do you have in store if you become a Fraudutek Industries employee?

For those few who pass the test, and survive the initial orientation, the Fraudutek Industries' employee has a long and proud tradition of struggling daily to their greatest ability to serve humanity, through designing, implementing, or producing the items, and ideas of the future. Yes, a worthwhile goal that overshadows the disheartening lack of any real personal achievement.

Working at Fraudutek Industries is not a tedious ordeal, however, as it is with other faceless corporations of Fraudutek Industries stature. The Fraudutek Industries employees are cheerful and happy, and completely content. At first one might suspect this is due to the large quantities of non-prescription, non-over the counter medicines available, but this is not entirely the reason. The vision of Fraudutek Industries, genetically ingrained into each employee drives them forward. Yes, Fraudutek Industries is the great beacon. The only true means of salvation in an otherwise cold and cruel world.

If you are interested in seeking employment at Fraudutek Industries, please E-mail us a copy of your resume.

If the job you are looking for is not in the list below, there is a good chance we aren't looking for spineless pencil pushers or fat headed bureaucrats in your field of expertise. Don't give up hope however. Please write the title of the job you are looking to gain employment in within the space provided below. If we are ever interested in expanding into your particular field we will be sure to either hire, or eliminate you.

Many of the people who have been rejected by our keen recruiting staff:
Reason:  Too stupid.
Reason:  Too 'ethnic'
Reason:  Obvious
Reason:  Fell
Reason:  Convicted
Reason:  obvious unhealthy attitude

Jobs available at this exact moment of time:

  • Chief Slacking Officer (Information Highway Division)
  • Second Deputy Assistant to the Traveling Aide of Auxiliary Services (Fall Line Division)
  • Chief Financial officer (Fiscal Persuasion squad)
  • Stg. Reserve Diversionary Unit # 235 (F.I.R.G.)
  • Product Progression Administrator (Project: The Spiderbots Option)
  • Head of Knife Sharpening Control (Direct Service Marketing Division)
  • Horizontal surface decontaminate Superintendent
  • Captain of Nutritional Services (Easy Timber Line Tester Cafeteria)
  • Assistant Director of down sizing & Sterilization(Self Down Sizing division)
  • Assistant Director of Implementing Design Speculations (Design-Spec. Branch)
  • Assistant to General Sycophant Duties
  • Junior Assistant to the Head of Alphabet Division (Project F Sounds ('ph' branch))
  • Cranial Concussion Engineer (Hammer & Ladder Thinktank)
  • Director of Future Planning (Whores & Jugglers division)
  • Executive Supervisor of General Inhumanity (Sterile Adhesive Pad Commission)
  • Assistant to the Fraudutek Industries Mascot (sidekick division) (Jerry the Meta-Atom)
  • Taste Tester (Better Beef section A1+)
  • Third Deputy Assistant to the traveling aide of auxiliary services (Summer 'free & fun' Division)
  • Urination Flow Technician
  • Vehicular Storage Directional Assistant Engineer
  • Many of the people who have been rejected by our keen recruiting staff:
    Reason:  Too fucking sweet
    Reason:  Too fucking old
    Reason:  Conflicting agendas
    Reason:  Now deceased
    Reason:  Too rural
    Reason:  Too wacked