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Okay! Okay! Calm down! Here are more things you can buy!

A sandwich hand-wrought by the world's most talented chef, featuring the world's freshest hand-carved meats and most savoury hand-plucked vegetables lovingly layered between two slices of hand-baked bread and hand-decorated with a generous coating of not only the most fabulous hand-mined gemstones known to man but also the hand-written word YIP might sound a just a tad decadent... but then again, you're worth it! $8,000,000,000
Bob Kraus
This ain't your grandmother's Bob Kraus! You've worked hard and long, and now, at last, it is time for a little reward. It's Bob Kraus time. $12,500
It's a known fact that pickles are good. But wouldn't a pickle that said YIP on it be just a little bit better? Damn it, you've worked so fucking hard, so fucking long, day after day after day, and it's all added up to shit. Don't you deserve this one small thing? $6

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