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Exclipsect + Kaebin Yield - Symbiosis

Exclipsect + Kaebin Yield - Symbiosis

Hive Records tenth release (although because of delays in the release of Tekniq's album, its really the ninth) is a split disc between Exclipsect and Kaebin Yield. This is a CD that must be played loud for I have found that a lot of the subtleties of the release are lost at a lower volume. (Of course, every CD (almost) says, with good reason, "Play at maximum volume")

Exclipsect, whose second full length CD will be released on Hive Records shortly, explores a trancey drum n bass sound with the first seven tracks offered, which comprise half this disc. With a mixture of cyber-organics and an almost tribal idm hybrid the tracks seem to draw me in and leave me in a swirling stew of beats, glitch and electronics. The beats bounce over a soft underlying bass and I find that I have no real clue how long each song is, there is no sense of one aspect of the song leading into another and even the individual tracks themselves blend into the next. This isn't really a problem, however, since this is, I believe the purpose of the music, as it weaves a hypnotic spell and eases the listener into a semi-lucid trance.

Kaebin Yield, who also has a full length CD due out shortly from Hive Records (although under the name Duncan Avoid) has a sound that compliments the Exclipsect tracks, while pushing the level of intensity and experimentation quite a bit further.

Kaebin Yield's sound is one of breakcore, with spastic electronics. The razor sharp abstractions that comprise the beats are encircled by electronic glitches. Is sound is an attempt to find chaos out of structure, or is it the other way around? There is just as much an aspect of destruction as their is in creation. I like this sort of music for the very fact that it has a tendency of screwing up my cerebral pulses. It can literally change the way I think about something, by breaking up lines of thought, crushing common sense into a jagged mass.

Both projects seem to wish to manipulate the very thought processes of the listener. They just attempt it in different ways. Everyone needs there thought processes played with in my opinion.

Squid @ July 2004