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scrap.edx - NonħLinear Interfacing

scrap.edx - NonħLinear Interfacing

A friend of mine once mentioned (after demonstrating this effect) that while DJing, he liked to interrupt things that were somewhat abrasive and unpopular with power noise - before the noise, people would be annoyed at the music, but after the noise, people would comment about how great the exact same song was (especially compared to the burst of Whitehouse or Merzbow before). I have a feeling that similar aural psychology went into the creation of Scrap.edx - NonħLinear Interfacing.

It's the "combine relaxing melodies & harsh beats" formula meticulously constructed on the noisy end of the music spectrum - replace "relaxing melodies" with "eerie ambient segments with bendy bass" and "harsh beats" with "hardcore broken beats with unpredictable rhythms stitched from samples of static & feedback" and you might start to have an idea as to what this is like. The end result is fucking amazing. This has continued to be one of my favourite CDs ever since I got it.

Bob @ March 2005

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