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Punto Omega - Punto Omega

Punto Omega - Punto Omega

Ok. Let's say you really like the sound of Hocico, but are getting a little tired of the raping and brutality aspect. That's understandable, and now Punto Omega have released the perfect album for you, their self titled debut on Metropolis Records. Punto Omega's formula may not be revolutionary, but it never the less works, with a combination of good solid EBM beats, distorted Argentinean yelling guy, a much more positive ideology (although most of the songs are in Spanish, they are kind enough to provide us English speaking peoples with a translation of the lyrics in the linear notes) and a little orchestral elements tossed in to round out the music.

Punto Omega may find the constant comparison to Hocico kind of annoying, but this similarity has also allowed them a foot in the door, so to speak. Now they must use this annoyance to fuel their desire to expand when they release their next album.

A good album overall for those fans of heavy EBM.

Squid @ August 2004

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