Favourite albums ever:

Converter - Shock Front Converter: Shock Front
The original limited edition of this 1999 release came packaged with two heavy sheets of metal in standard jewel case. But beyond the packaging, this release stood out as a turning point for my musical attentions, and remains one of the best rhythmic noise releases ever.
Forma Tadre - Automate Forma Tadre: Automate
Forma Tadre confused the fuck out of a lot of fans of their earlier EBM sound with the 1998 release of Automate, cofused and angered. However, this release remains to me the absolute best dark twisted ambient album ever. Automate inspired my worst and then best/worst E trips. Maybe it was the drugs, but others in my group claim it was Automate's utter bizzareness.
Gridlock - Further Gridlock: Further
Gridlock's last agressive album before they were consumned by the softness of their IDM infuences, Further released in 1999 is a blend of harsh industrial/rhythmic noise with IDM. An absolute masterpiece.
Imminent Starvation - Nord Imminent Starvation: Nord
After hearing only 3 tracks on this disc, I bolted from my house, in desperate search of any other Imminent Starvation CD I could find. This disc (along with Shock Front and So What make up Ant-Zen's holy trinity of rhythmic noise.
Ministry - Just One Fix Ministry: Just One Fix (single)
You can't go wrong when you mix Ministry and William S. Burroughs together. This single filters out the crap tracks from ΚΕΦΑΛΗΞΘ, turns the title track Just One Fix up a notch and includes some spoken word Burroughs overtop Ministry as a B-Side.
Psychopomps - 666 nights in hell Psychopomps: 666 nights in hell
Released in 1995 on Zoth Ommog and 1996 on Cleopatra records, this Belgium duo hit their high point with 666 nights in hell, a heavy guitar driven release that remains one of my favourites from the mid nineties. Manages to combine offensiveness with cruel humour and absurdity. An absolute perfect release.
Skinny Puppy - Too Dark Park Skinny Puppy: Too Dark Park
Skinny Puppy's 1990 release Too Dark Park remains in my opinion, their best. Their sound broke free from their most 80s past, and began more raw and brutal.
Suicide Commando - Mindstrip Suicide Commando: Minstrip
Suicide Commando took over the EBM scene with this 2000 release, and lead the shift in clubs from light sounding synthpop into more agressive EBM.
Synapscape - So What Synapscape: So What
Synapscape's 1999 double CD release So What represents one of the pivotal rhythmic noise releases, a perfect hybrid of industrial, rhythmic noise and dark ambient. Includes a video track for the track New Order that's beautifully constructed, simplistic and yet brilliant.
Tarmvred - Subfusc Tarmvred: Subfusc
This 2001 release from Sweden's Tarmvred is a masterpiece of heavy complex percussion, drum n bass influences, glitch and dark atmospheres.
Wilt - Radio 1940 Wilt: Radio 1940
The double cd release in 2002 showcased Wilt's incredible talent. Using a mass of found sounds, Wilt creates a diverse world from dark ambient to more noisey elements. With each subsequent listen, more and more of the sounds are revealed. A true masterpiece.
Winterkälte - Drum N Noise Winterkälte: Drum N Noise
Mind blowing album from released in 1999 from Hand's founder. A non-stop attack of heavy crushing beats. Do Not Vote For Industry! a twenty minute long song may be my all time favourite.
various - Trees on Oscillation vol.2 various: Trees on Oscillation vol. 2
Released in 2001, this complation from France's Divine Comedy showcases the incredible talent of the french rhythmic noise scene. Includes tracks by HiV+, Sedarka, Lith, Komplex, Bism, and an absolutely brilliant ass kicking track by Proceed.