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Dirty Dr. Seuss

by Maud'dib

Jin and Min lived in a house made of tin. Their species was Glin, on their head was a fin, and together they lived, because they were kin.

Now Jin said to Min, "Let me show you a game. A game that is fun, a game I will win." And that, my friends, is how our story begins.

"What game shall we play?" asked innocent Min. And Jin, with a grin, wriggled his fin. Without a word, he unzipped his fly. And Min, oh my, she thought she would die--for there stood his thing, all wrinkled and pink. "You like it?" asked Jin. "I call it my dink."

"A dink?" questioned Min, "That sounds kind of cool. Oh look at it, Jin, it's starting to drool."

And Jin winked at Min and looked at her feet. "Take a seat, sister Min, and I'll give you a treat. A treat that is neat and a treat that is sweet. A treat, sister Min, that will make your heart beat."

"Is this part of the game?" asked Min as she knelt. And Jin nodded 'Yes' as he loosened his belt.

With his pants at his knees, and his hands on his hips, Jin positioned his dink in front of Min's lips. "This game is simple and easy and fun. You'll know when it's over, you'll know when I'm done. Open your mouth, that's all you need do. Open your mouth, and I'll fill you with goo."

"Goo?" questioned Min. "I don't quite get it. But if we're just showing privates, I'll show you my clit. I'd show you my tit but I'm too young for that. My mom said when older, I won't be as flat."

It was taking too long, Jin was getting quite red. "Just be quiet, sis, and give me some head. An open mouth is all that I need." Jin wept now, as he started to plead. "It's all that I need to fill you with seed."

"You're getting upset," Min noticed and said. "You're getting all red, I don't want you dead. Just give me your thing, and I'll give you some head. And then, perhaps, we'll hop into bed. And do you know why I do this," asked Min, as she looked at her bro. "It's because, my bro, I do love you so. Don't think, oh please, that I am a ho. No no, not so, I am not a ho." She said all this, and then she started to blow.

It didn't last long, the sucking she did. It didn't last long, for a secret she hid. She was good with her tongue, she was good with her lips, but the secret was, she was also good with her hips. This game that Jin taught, was new to her not. It was actually something that she liked quite a lot.

Jin came with a sigh and withdrew his dink. He opened his eyes and started to blink. Min smiled at him, and gave him a wink. She was happy now, she enjoyed her cum drink.

And Min said to Jin, as she wiped off her chin, "Now a game I'll show you. A game *I* will win." And she said all this, as she wriggled her fin.

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