We're now pleased to present the best, most highly disciplined group of youth ever! That's right, here at Fraudutek Industries and the OETFC (Official Easy Timber Fan Club) we treat our indoctrination very seriously. Now the F.I.R.G. (Fraudutek Industries Revolutionary Guard) has a youthful partner in the fight for all of Fraudutek Industries goals.

  Kids celebrating the new dawn. Proud members of the Jr. Elite.

We are especially thrilled to present our finest achievement in youth brain cleansing, the Junior Elite, the para-military branch of the OETFC. These spirited youngsters have been shown the way to completely free themselves of greedy self interest, and have sworn to devote themselves to the cause of the Junior Elite, which is of course, also the cause of Fraudutek Industries.

Trained in ways of achieving inner peace through the use of firearms and explosives, these fine young girls and boys are destined to be the best of the best. It will indeed be a tragic loss when we loose formation after formation of these brave kids in the fight to keep Fraudutek Industries #1. But their painful deaths will not be in vain! The generations to come will use their valiant self sacrifice as inspiration to achieve even higher casualties in corporate wars to come!

If you are interested in joining the Junior Elite, or volunteering your son or daughter, please fill out the application for joining the OETFC, the first step in becoming the mini-stormtroopers of the future! If you, your son or daughter are eligible for the Junior Elite, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Remember, indoctrination starts young, for a bright future, and with the Junior Elite, your star will truly shine the brightest.