Fraudutek Industries now invites you, the meaningless masses, to invest directly with the world's greatest fast food chain, Grey Burgers. Together we can't help by expand into the limitless possibilities of the future.

F.I.R.G. troops prove the superiority of Grey Burgers over competitors

Does Fraudutek Industries want your money? Of course not. Money is even more meaningless to Fraudutek Industries than you are. At least you, in your complete lack of worth exist, to some extent. Money, on the other hand, if completely a work of fiction and Fraudutek Industries is above that.

So what does Fraudutek Industries want from you? That's something you should leave up to the highly trained Fraudutek Industries Investment Coordinators, whose job it is to ensure that you fulfill your optimum potential as a Grey Burger investor.

Yes, leave it all up to the professionals, who have dedicated their existence to this exacting goal. You, the uninformed, will always be clouded with ideas of individual achievement and desire. The Fraudutek Industries Investment Coordinators, on the other hand, take higher goals and possibilities into consideration. They invest in you, so that you can invest in Grey Burgers. You will invest in ways you dared not dream of.

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