Fraudutek Industries is pleased to announce that Plastic is now even better than it was before. Old plastic, as good as it was, was still flawed in many ways, the greatest being that it was too natural of a substance. Now thanks to Fraudutek Industries, all that was natural has been removed and replaced with better, non-natural contents. Yes, New Plastic isn't even made of molecules, but something better. For reasons that should be obvious to everyone, we can not go into the details of New Plastic on Fraudutek Industries On-Line, but rest assured, all our claims are completely dependable.

Now you don't have to worry or be consumed by stress, as you were when old Plastic was your only option. Now new Plastic makes you life as easy and guilt free as it deserves to be.

Yes, New Plastic truly is the greatest invention the world has ever seen. Fraudutek Industries, always a leader in corporate modesty, is unable to downplay New Plastic: If we did, we would be guilty of lying to you. We just canít do that. New Plastic is just that good! But maybe we should just let New Plastic speak for itself (Something it can actually do! Proof of yet another improvement over old plastic). Youíll see, any doubts you have will be washed away, and complete and utter confidence will consume you (confidence you can trust!), as it has Fraudutek Industries. If it didnít, we wouldnít put our name on it!