Look out towards a totally different Plastic City. Only the giant office of Information and Redistribution remains the same, a massive building that dwarfs everything around it. Everything else has either moved or been adjusted in some way. Plastic City is a place that rewrites itself to accommodate your future needs, not a stagnant immobile place of which you would have to adapt.

Plastic City: Fraudutek Industries grand plan for the future.

Almost from the very beginning, Fraudutek Industries has striven to fulfill this immense goal, the creation of a new way of being, a new world within the world, a world for you, a world for me, with no compromise.

One of the many buildings of Plastic City

Now watch as the scenery slowly changes before you. Towers spiraling up towards the sky, massive square buildings creeping this way or that, giant domes inflating and deflating with a irregular pulse, and more. Rocket Tubes, full of commuters, crisscrossing the city in a swirling complexity that baffles the imagination. Factories, chemical weapon plants, distribution centres, training facilities, production workshops, military bases, genetic engineering facilities, launch pads, and more dot the immense view. Smoke stacks of every size pump out a productive haze of progress, which mixes with the colourful lights to create a eternal beautiful sunrise, a divine glow that saturates everything.

The dark swirling clouds increase the mystery and colossal nature of Plastic City, by allowing you only the smallest glimpse into its immensity.

Outside is nothing. Empty of life, for outside has nothing to offer, where as, the brightly lit tunnels, rocket tubes, malls and entertainment warehouses can supply an infinite amount of enjoyment to even the most selective individual. Only android-styled productive vehicles cruise slowly through the void between Plastic City's structures, transporting materials or constructing new additions to Plastic City's incredible architecture.

Fraudutek Industries invites you to explore the glorious spender of Plastic City: The future has finally arrived!