We ALL Love Cats

by Thanatos Jones

C'mon, admit. Say it. SAY IT! You love cats. You know you do. Ever since the accident with the pygmies, you've desired them, desired them with all your spleen. Even the purple, greasy bit. But then again, who DOESN'T love cats? Even the navels do. And if the navels do- who doesn't?

But then, we must definitely take the cankers into position. Even if the cricket bats never "assume the banana", don't forget to slap. Which reminds me of a quote by Nietzsche, "I never partook in liver fondling without my noodle panderer." Obviously one of his lesser-known quotes, but why quibble about frogs when candles are at stake? It requires no lasagna, if you know what I mean. So why epitomize uvulas, you may ask. The answer is simple:


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