by Totenbuch Christ

We hope you enjoyed playing Warez Runner (tm)! Asteroids, and found it just as exciting as the original. We put a lot of long hours in, in an attempt to catch the action, power, and excitement of pure arcade fun. I personally think we not only captured the original spirit of arcade game, but improved it.

If you would like to recieve a registered version of Warez Runner (tm)! Asteroids please send $50 cash to 633 1/2 Queen St. West, Toronto, Ontario. Make sure to write your return address. With registration, you will recieve a copy of the DOS Batch version of Warez Runner (tm)! Asteroids with a [REGISTERED] written on it, as well as a two-month subscription to Warez Runner (tm)! Asteroids magazine, with an option to continue your subscription.

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